New DVLA Vehicle Registration Rules

New DVLA Vehicle Registration Rules

As of February 2018 there are new DVLA rules that came into effect regarding the DVLA registration number rules of which most revolve around the new V317 certificate which can be obtained from the Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency commonly called the DVLA. The new DVLA V317 form aims to simplify the process of moving a registration from one vehicle to another or to a registration number certificate.

The V317 vehicle number registration form is used throughout in England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland across all forms of motor transport including cars, motor cycles, mopeds, vans, heavy goods vehicles & any other motorized vehicle that will run on any of Britain’s roads. It is important that you use the latest V317 when carrying out a vehicle number registration transfer as it ensures that you follow all of their guidelines and will lead to you having delays with your vehicle registration number changes.

The current V317 form has two very distinct purposes and it is very important that you fill out only the sections you are meant to in order to ensure your request is clear and handled quickly without issues. The first of the two purposes of the form is to allow you to transfer your vehicle registration number from your old vehicle to your new vehicle in the event that you are buying a new vehicle and selling your old one. The second purpose is to allow you to transfer your current vehicle registration number to a blank certificate in the event that you are selling your motor vehicle and have not yet arranged a replacement vehicle.

In order to successfully carry a vehicle registration number transfer you will need to be able to confirm some important information about yourself and the vehicle, such as that you are the legal owner of the vehicle and that the vehicle exists and is able to run using its own power. It’s either taxed or been declared as SORN. The vehicle will also need to be registered with the DVLA and be capable of passing a MOT or GVT to prove it is road-ready.

You can obtain the latest V317 vehicle registration number from the official government website by clicking here. You will need to download this form, print it off and carefully fill it in with all of your information, your vehicles information & any other information that the form requests you to provide. You will also need to include £80 in the form of a cheque, postal order or bankers draft made payable to the DVLA which will be included in the form. Alternatively if you cannot download and print this form you can contact the DVLA using any of the contact means on the DVLA Contact Number website including postal addresses, phone numbers & more. They will be able to send you the latest V317 form for you to fill in and send back to them, they will also be able to answer any questions you have regarding the V317 form.