The Role of Capture Manager

The Role of Capture Manager

Capture management is the most challenging part of the proposal development process. When a company decides to compete for a contract, the Capture Manager is responsible to position that company to win the contract. Neither more nor less!

This includes leading your team and helping them to find the resources needed to pursue the procurement, supervise proposal strategies, pricing and processes. An experienced and skilled professional knows how to smoothly make the transition from business development to proposal development, and eventually to the contract award.

Capture Manager is responsible to compile the documents, develop a strategic plan, and manage the efforts to develop a successful project. As a competent professional you must be able to determine the needs of your customer and fulfill their requirements. After analyzing your competition, customer, pricing strategy and conducted a capability management assessment you’ll be able to create a basic program plan.

In close collaboration with the Proposal Manager, you can prepare a plan for the proposal development phase.

Why does your proposal need Capture Management?

 Management serves as the guidance of your company and proposal development consultants and writing team.  It helps them improve their long-term business strategy and identify the right opportunities to pursue. It’s important to not underestimate the value that capture management brings to your proposal. Starting from qualifying the right lead; creating a detailed capture plan after a set of in-depth analysis of different aspects; analyzing the customer to gain a better understanding about their needs, requirements and expectations; assessing competition, risks, and identifying your discriminators; develop strategies through sophisticated processes in order to gain competitive advantage; and eventually establish a price to win.

Of course, the only and ultimate purpose of capture management is to position your company to win the contract award you’re competing for. They must have the skills to think as decision makers, understand their logic and assist the proposal team with the right resources so that they can prepare a compelling proposal.

Every contract is different; therefore, the approach to writing a persuasive proposal should adjust to meet all the requirements of a particular solicitation. The main points a capture manager should focus on when assessing an RFP are:

  • Scope of Work
  • Performance Requirements
  • Technical Factor
  • Pricing
  • Evaluation Criteria & Award Requirements

However, no matter the technologies you choose to use while preparing a plan, being organized and having tasks divided properly will definitely ease your job. Keep in mind that the key to success is synergy; thus, the collaboration between all the teams should be on point in order to submit a winning product.